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    Selayar Police Seize 2.5 Tons of Fertilizer Suspected of Explosives

    Senin, 18 Maret 2024, 00.24 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-17T17:24:45Z

    INDOLIN.ID | SELAYAR — The Selayar Islands Police Water and Air Police Unit (Polairud) and the South Sulawesi Regional Police Satpolairud, seized 2.5 tons of beautiful brand fertilizer which is strongly suspected to be used for destructive fishing activities in the sea waters of the Selayar Islands.

    This beautiful fertilizer was seized by the Selayar Islands Police Polairud Unit from a motorized sailboat at Pattumbukang port, on Sunday 17 March 2024.

    A beautiful brand of fertilizer weighing 2.5 tonnes or at least 50 sacks is currently being secured at the Selayar Islands Police Satpolair Headquarters. Meanwhile, the ship's crew and a number of parties are still undergoing the process of taking information at the Selayar Islands Police Satpolair Headquarters.

    Information received by the Reporter states that recent fishing activities using explosives have used a lot of fertilizer raw materials with this brand, so the presence of beautiful brands of fertilizer in the Islands region, which incidentally is not an agricultural area, certainly raises suspicions.

    Until this news was broadcast, Monday (18/03/2024) there had been no official confirmation regarding the safekeeping of the fertilizer. However, it is still in the investigation process by the Selayar Islands Police Polairud Unit.

    Information regarding the presence of 2.5 tons of Cantik fertilizer destined for the Selayar Islands, which is currently still an area prone to destructive fishing activities, is of public concern.

    A number of pieces of information then re-emerged, including the number of victims of fish bombs in the last year in the Selayar Islands region which was linked to the securing of supplies of fish bomb material to the Selayar Islands region from neighboring areas. (Team).